Expatriates conducting businesses from rented houses: Labour Relations Authority

Labour Relations Authority (LRA), declared that the authority is looking into a case of expatriates conducting unauthorized food distribution and lodging from rented houses in Maldives.

LRA stated that three houses adjacent to each other in Henveiru, Male’, were found to have been conducting a catering service, providing daily meals to over 300-400 expatriates, without the necessary licenses.

LRA’s Information Officer Ali Shareef said that expatriates were charged for any lodgings at the houses.

According to Shareef, these businesses are established without authorization from the government and that the authority has informed the relevant institutions.

LRA stated that the site had poor health and hygiene issues and that the three houses were badly damaged.

Moreover, the authority said that expatriates work illegally due to a lack of responsibility from recruitment agencies.

LRA has the authority to blacklist and impose fines on expatriates who work in Maldives against regulations, adding that the authority will take action against those who force expatriates to work illegally