Labour Relations Authority

Labour Relations Authority was established by the Employment Act (2/2008), to observe compliance with the Act and its regulations enacted, and to implement the administrative steps required for adherence to the Employment Act.

In order to ensure compliance with the Act and its regulations enacted, officials of the Labour Relations Authority are mandated to inspect work places from time to time.

Clause 81 of the Employment Act grants Employment Officers with the following powers:

  • Enter into and check during daylight hours, any places which there are reasonable grounds to believe is a work place and question any employees present.
  • Obtain records, books, registers and other documents required to be maintained in relation to employment and related matters pursuant to law, to ensure that they are being maintained as required and upon submission, make copies of the same and collect information.
  • Obtain information about employee working conditions, salary and working hours.

Under clause 86 of the Employment Act, any of the following actions are offenses;

  • to obstruct the duties or the activities of an Employment Officer
  • to defy orders issued by Employment Officers in the course of their duties
  • to willfully provide an Employment Officer with false or misleading information

The penalty for such an offence based on the extent of the offence is;

  • a fine of not less than MVR 500 and not more than MVR 50,000
  • or a one-year jail term and a fine of not more than MVR 25,000

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